Do You Need a LifePlan?

you do not need to wander through Life without clear purpose

      For most of my youth and adult years I have journeyed through life with a process of basically trying things.  The classes I took in school, I often took because of the time availability or because a friend was going to take the class.  I definitely had a calling on my life but was unclear in the broad applications.  I majored in a specific field of study because it seemed like the thing to do at the time.  How I was going to apply my learnings was not on my radar.  When I finished my graduate work I was not sure what position I was going to apply myself to.  Throughout my career in ministry I have truly sought God's leadership but have experienced no clear direction, just opportunities.  

      Through LifePlan I have discovered who God has uniquely created me to be, how he has gifted me, how I process and what I am truly fulfilled doing.  The next chapter of my life does not have every detailed spelled out but does have direction and purpose that is uniquely mine.

      Here is my Life Purpose: "I pour into marred vessels revealing God's treasures."  In LifePlanning with you it is my goal to help you discover the amazingly gifted, unique person God created you to be.  You will unearth the treasured person he greatly values and wants to use in a very special way that is your's alone.

      One repeatedly voiced observation of those involved in a LifePlan is that they say that they wish they had mede this discovery earlier in their lives.  It has been exciting to see some of the ways God uses Life Planning.  Your LifePlan will have a great impact whether your are young, middle-aged or even encountering those mysterious retirement years.  Take a look at these applications:

20s and 30s


You may be a student seeking direction for not only your course of study but for your life.  Many in this age frame have finished schooling and have begun their journey with career begun and family launched.  But there is fog of uncertainty clouding your world.  You are not experiencing the fulfillment you expected in your career.  What is wrong? What is confused? What is missing?

40s and 50s


At this time of life you have years of experiences behind you.  You can look back and see the paths you have taken to get you where you are today.  When you  project where you have come to where it takes you, you may or not be heading to where you really want to finally arrive.  Is a slight mid-course correction needed?  Or is a major rethinking, retraining, recommitment process needed to take you where you really, really want to go?

60s and 70s


The measure used by most in consideration of retirement is simply, "When can I afford to?".  How much more exciting would it be to view retirement years as a wonderful opportunity to do what you really, really enjoy doing?  An understanding of your unique giftedness, dreams, passions and purpose open wide the doors to fulfilling activity and focus!