"LifePlanning is the process of discovering God's plan for your life.  The process involves the completion of a series of sequential exercises or modules intended to help you discover your uniqueness and the way God has been involved in every aspect of your life, all of your life.

Your unique giftedness points toward your unique purpose.  In other words, God has given you gifts to use, and when you use your gifts, you fulfill your purpose in life.  LifePlanning, therefore, is a process that primarily helps you discover your uniqueness."

from Living the Life You Were Meant to Live by Tom Paterson


LifePlan is a two-day intensive journey of focus and discovery.  This product of the Paterson Center and Tom Paterson, master corporate and personal strategist, utilizes the finest assessment and strategy implementation tools available. You will be empowered through the discovery of who you are, what makes you unique and what drives you.  


Your LifePlan is an eye-opening experience of personal discovery.  Just as each of us have unique fingerprints so also we have unique God-given talents, abilities, strengths, passions and dreams.  We think differently.  Our experiences through life add additional influences to who we are.  


Implementation Coaching follows the two-day intensive LifePlan.  For the following six months you will be coached through professional certified coaching to understand and live in your uniqueness.  The days of struggling to be someone you are not, are over.  A new clarity of thinking about opportunities guides our future.  

Living the life you were meant to live